VCP-NV (NSX) Study Guide

I am currently preparing for the VCP-NV examination. I will be updating this page over the coming weeks to share the materials I have used prepare for the exam.

Hands on Labs;

These hands on labs hosted by VMware also cover some decent ground;

HOL-SDC-1403 – VMware NSX Introduction
HOL-SDC-1424 – VMware NSX in the SDDC
HOL-SDC-1425 – VMware NSX Advanced

VMware Hands On Labs for NSX

Recommended Reading / Link Collection (Being updated as I find links);

Study Material & Videos;

If like me you like audio visual, the vBrownBag series is a great series to help you prepare for your VCP-NV Examination.

Click on the series link to view the vBrownBag episode aligned to the exam objectives in the blueprint.

  • Objective 1 – Define Benefits of Running VMware NSX on Physical Network Fabrics

Objective 1.1 – Describe the Benefits of a VMware NSX Implementation
Objective 1.2 – Describe VMware NSX Architecture
Objective 1.3 – Differentiate VMware Network and Security Technologies
Objective 1.4 – Contrast Physical and Virtual Network Technologies
Objective 1.5 –Explain VMware NSX Integration with Third-Party Products and Services
Objective 1.6 –Explain VMware NSX Integration with vCloud Automation Center (vCAC)

  • Objective 2 – Describe Physical Infrastructure Requirements for a VMware NSX Implementation

Objective 2.1 – Define Benefits of Running VMware NSX on Physical Network Fabrics
Objective 2.2 – Describe Physical Infrastructure Requirements for a VMware NSX Implementation

  • Objective 3 – Configure and Manage vSS and vDS Policies

Objective 3.1 – Configure and Manage vSphere Standard Switches (vSS)
Objective 3.2 – Configure and Manage vSphere Distributed Switches (vDS)
Objective 3.3 – Configure and Manage vSS and vDS Policies

  • Objective 4 – Deploy VMware NSX 

Objective 4.1 – Configure Environment for Network Virtualization
Objective 4.2 – Deploy VMware NSX Components
Objective 4.3 – Upgrade Existing vCNS/NSX Implementation
Objective 4.4 – Expand Transport Zone to Include New Cluster(s)

  • Objective 5 – Configure VMware NSX Virtual Networks

Objective 5.1 – Create and Administer Logical Switches
Objective 5.2 – Configure VXLAN
Objective 5.3 – Configure and Manage Layer 2 Bridging
Objective 5.4 – Configure and Manage Logical Routers

  • Objective 6 – Configure and Manage NSX Network Services

Objective 6.1 – Configure and Manage Logical Load Balancing
Objective 6.2 – Configure and Manage Logical Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
Objective 6.3 – Configure and Manage DHCP/DNS/NAT
Objective 6.4 – Configure and Manage Edge Services High Availability

  • Objective 7 – Configure and Administer Network Security

Objective 7.1 – Configure and Administer Logical Firewall Services
Objective 7.2 – Configure Distributed Firewall Services
Objective 7.3 – Configure and Manage Service Composer

  • Objective 8 – Perform Operations Tasks in a VMware NSX Environment

Objective 8.1 – Configure Roles, Permissions, and Scopes
Objective 8.2 – Describe NSX Automation
Objective 8.3 – Monitor a VMware NSX Implementation
Objective 8.4 – Perform Auditing and Compliance
Objective 8.5 – Administer Logging
Objective 8.6 – Backup and Recover Configurations

Objective 9 – Troubleshoot a VMware Network Virtualization Implementation (Coming Soon)



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