vSphere HomeLab – Step-by-Step Guide – Installation of Active Directory & DNS on Windows Server 2012

I have uploaded here the first part in the vSphere 5.5 Home Lab series. Part 1 is a step-by-step guide on the installation of Active Directory & DNS on Windows Server 2012. Look out for the next one in the series which will be on the vCenter 5.5 Appliance (VCVA).


The first requirement for a home lab is a fully functioning Active Directory / DNS set-up. For your home lab this guide goes through the installation steps for a successful AD and DNS installation. After the installation, we go through the process of adding DNS “A” records for various parts of your lab.


  1. Configure – Hostname & Static IP Address
  2. Setup ADDS Role (Active Directory Domain Service)
  3. Promote to Domain Controller
  4. Configure – Add DNS “A” records for your LAB

Link to the vSphere 5.5 Home Lab Page – Click Here

Direct Link to Part 1 of the series mentioned here – Click Here